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Social Responsibility

Ostwal Group of Industries is completely committed to promoting health safety and creating a greener environment. The company also has a strict safety policy that puts forth the benefit of people, environment and community above all the company interests and financial targets.
Moreover, the company is completely aware of the way it impacts the environment through its operations and processes.

However, OGI always strives hard in order to reduce the impacts on the environment. The company targets to develop products that are environmental-friendly while being completely technologically and economically viable. So, Ostwal group promises to provide superior quality products while being completely benign towards people’s safety and environment.

Health, Safety & Environment

Ostwal Group solely prioritises ensuring complete excellence in the personal as well as occupational health of its employees and staff members in all its units across different locations. The company also organises special health checkup camps for the employees and their families from time to time. It not only helps in boosting the morale of the staff but also helps the company in achieving new heights in health and safety.

Offering care during Covid:
As the Covid pandemic becomes more critical, the country faces great risk socio-economically. With the loss of jobs and increasing financial troubles due to subsequent lockdowns, people continue to suffer badly. During these troubled times, Ostwal group and its subsidiaries offer help to the needy by supplying them with essential items like Flour, Dal,potato, cooking oil and other food products such that they can survive this situation and have
a better tomorrow.

The company makes all the efforts in ensuring the utmost safety for all the employees. To fortify occupational safety, the company has put in place stringent safety rules. While these rules focus on high-risk activities, they are to be followed by the employees at all the locations of the OGI.

To further ensure its dedication towards quality assurance and the environment, the company has achieved ISO 9001:2015 to establish a robust Quality Management System.

Saving Foreign Exchange

Currently, at least 70% of the total Rock phosphate is imported in India in order to fulfil the market demands. Ostwal group thus focuses on leading the product of Beneficiated Rock Phosphate in order to diminish the practice of import.

Social Welfare, Research & Development

OGI also helps in strengthening the backward classes of our society. We also help in promoting culture as well as social values and preserve natural resources. Moreover, we also help in development by providing assistance of science and technology while encouraging the research.

Ostwal group also engages in different social welfare activities as well. Blankets and food items are distributed to the poor and the needy from special camps that Ostwal group arranges through its non-profit wing Smt Nirmal Devi Ostwal Seva Sansthan.

Health Camps:

OGI understands how difficult it is for people of the backward classes to afford proper medical care. So, Ostwal group initiates medical camps through mobile hospitals from time to time in several of their plant facilities to provide proper medical treatment to the people in the villages surrounding their plants for free. From eye checkups to full-body check-ups and tests, all types of facilities are provided in these special camps.

Strengthening the future generation:

The children of today are the leaders of tomorrow. Standing firm at that belief, Ostwal Group arranges to provide meals, books and other stationery items to school kids in different areas. OGI also provides necessary school kits and books to physically disabled children along with
special care such that they can have a bright future.

CSR Activities

Nirmala Devi Ostwal Sewa Sansthan and Ostwal Foscem India Limited distributed 100 kits of food items to the needy people at various places in Bhilwara.

Today on 03/05/21 Monday, 100 Kits of food items were distributed to the needy people at various places of Bhilwara by Nirmala Devi Ostwal Seva Sansthan and Ostwal Foscam India Limited.Smt. Sajna Haroon, social worker welcomed this work of Ostwal Group and requested that there is hope that your services will continue to be available in future also. After this, all these reports were presented by Secretary Saurabh Bapna to the Chairman Mrs. Ekta Jain.

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