Corporate Governance

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Corporate governance is an ethically driven business process that is committed to values aimed at enhancing an organization’s wealth-generating capacity. This is ensured by taking ethical business decisions and conducting business with a firm commitment to values while meeting stakeholders’ expectations. At Ostwal Group of Industries (OGI), it is imperative that our group affairs are managed in a fair and transparent manner. This is vital to gain and retain the trust of our stakeholders.

Corporate Governance Philosophy

We drive our corporate governance with an aim towards sustainable growth in shareholders’ value besides ensuring fairness and transparency to all stakeholders: employees, business partners, investors, government, and society in adherence to government guidelines on corporate governance.

We are committed to defining, following, and practicing the highest level of corporate governance across all our business functions. Our corporate governance is a reflects of our value system encompassing our culture, policies, and relationships with our stakeholders. Integrity and transparency are key to our corporate governance practices, performance and ensure that we always gain and retain the trust of our stakeholders.

Corporate Governance Policies

Our corporate governance framework ensures effective engagement with our stakeholders and helps us evolve with changing times. We believe that an active, well-informed, and independent board is key to the highest standards of corporate governance. At OGI, the Board of Directors is at the core of our corporate governance practice and oversees how the Management serves and protects the long-term interests of our stakeholders.



Corporate Social Responsibility

The Group’s commitment for excellence in Health Safety and Environment are embedded in our core values. The Group has a Stringent policy for the safety of persons which overrides all production targets, drives all employees to continuously strives for safety management for the resources like people, property, environment, and the communities where we operate. The group is aware of the environmental impacts of its operations, and it continuously strives to reduce the impacts. Groups aim to develop techno economically viable and environment-friendly products and services for the benefit of its consumers, while at the same time ensuring the highest standards of safety and environment protection in our operations.