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A leading pioneer in the fertilizer and agro-products sector, Ostwal Group of Industries has completely revolutionized the way of manufacturing beneficiated rock phosphate and single super phosphate fertilizers in India.

OGI has always been dedicated to innovating engineering techniques. In this quest to become technologically efficient, OGI was able to develop an advanced and cost-effective process for the beneficiation of rock phosphate.

Though SSP plays a key role in generating a major part of the revenue for Ostwal Group, OGI has also diversified into different sectors.

In fact, Ostwal Group of Industries also excel in manufacturing different chemicals like Oleum, LBASA, H acid, Sulphuric acid, and others. OGI has also become a leading player in the import and export of Agri-food products, hospitality sector and real-estate business.

Ostwal Group also understands its commitment to the environment and society. So, it helps the needy and poor and performs several philanthropic works under the banner of its non-profit organization, Smt. Nirmala Devi Ostwal Seva Sansthan. Also, all the group companies of Ostwal Group are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

OGI is not only dedicated to building a greener tomorrow, but they also promise an excellent work experience for all the professionals.

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